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LaChele King, and I have an intense passion for helping people just like you live an authentic life. Many of the folks I work with are highly successful in their careers or professional lives, but often struggle in their relationships or even are dealing with difficult life transitions.  As an intuitive healer, I help my clients meet those challenges from a holistic and intuitive place. Why intuitive? I’ve learned through personal life challenges that forcing love, relationships, or even certain professional situations simply doesn’t work. It brings painful karma that can be incredibly destructive in your life. I know, because I’ve been there.


the importance of boundaries

As a natural intuitive, I spent years over giving in love and personal relationships. I poured my heart and soul into the relationships closest to me. Unfortunately, that same dedication and devotion were not reciprocated. What did I learn through this process? I learned there is power in holding space for yourself, first and foremost. I learned that we can only authentically give of ourselves if we love ourselves. But even that can be a black and white way of looking at things. There is nothing wrong with looking for and using support. I believe that’s why people born with intuitive abilities belong in the healing, coaching, and teaching communities. Which brings me to…me. In my intimate relationships, I can read and channel what other people feel for them. My intuition picks up on what others aren’t saying or don’t even know they are feeling. I’ve helped friends, family, and now clients make important decisions in their love relationships and careers by clearly articulating what is missing from their external and internal world. Whether you need that one extra push to move you forward to your fullest potential or could use a genuine empath to help you decipher your emotions, I can help. Through my life coaching work, I blend my life lessons, spiritual gifts, and studies to deliver balanced and insightful advice you can trust.



How I can Help

I meet my clients where they are. That means I happily discuss a broad range of topics. Some of my most commonly discussed topics include:

  • Healthy Relationship Dynamics.
  • Communication & How to Clearly Share Your Desires.
  • How to Bathe Yourself in Self-Love.
  • The Best Way to Attract What Your Heart Longs For.
  • Simple Ways to Land Your Dream Job.
  • How to Break Free of The Mental Chains Holding You Back.
  • How to Finally Trust Your Intuition.

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Authentic & Intuitive


I can’t recommend LaChele  enough – she has helped me get through my darkest times by using her God – given and natural gifts . she provides clarity and healing that will enable you to let go of what is holding you back and come up with a course of action that will benefit your life tremendously.  Through her attention to detail and highly tuned intuition , LaChele will help you reach your goals and dreams further than you could ever imagine!

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704 South State Road 135
Greenwood, IN 46143


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