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Connect with an intuitive life coach who has stood in your shoes and can feel what you feel. Lionheart Messenger coaching is led by LaChele, who works tirelessly to help you embrace your inner knowing.


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LaChele King

I am a life coach, healer, intuitive, and empath with a passion for helping my clients work through life’s challenges and improving their current relationships in work and life. Whether they are looking for help in working through a challenging situation or simply need that one person to give you clarity on life’s bigger decisions, I can help. Get the help you need to push forward to your fullest potential when you work with me.


My primary goal is to make sure you feel safe, welcome, and cared for. Our goal together is to help you achieve the clarity you know you need to make the best decisions for your life. During every conversation, I tap into my inner intuition to provide you with soul-led information that can direct your life towards your true path.

Intuitive Life Coaching

Are there areas of your life you’re lacking fulfillment in?  Do you feel that your career doesn’t match your soul’s purpose, but aren’t clear on what could?  Do you want to enjoy a loving relationship but struggle to connect with authentic people?  You’re not alone.

overcome heartbreak

I have been where you may now feel you are.  I have faced and overcome the intense heartbreak that comes from loving someone who can’t love you in the same way. I have launched an intuitive based career after spending years in a role that didn’t fit my life. 

find true purpose

Change the trajectory of your life. You can build a life from your soul, rather than out of obligation.  And I want to help you.  As your energy healer and life coach, I work to get to the true source of what’s holding you back. The first step towards any growth is clarity.


I offer my sessions through both text Voxer and also face-to-face through Zoom. Our connection is important and lends itself to better clarity in our sessions. While I’m happy to do a one-off session, I find it far more beneficial to my clients if we connect over the long term.
I offer three distinct packages including a 3-month package, a 6-month package and an emergency call package. Select the package the works best for you, and we’ll connect to bring clarity to the challenges you face and the life your heart longs for. I am available weekly during the package you purchase for a specific allotted time. Both packages include one-on-one conversations or texts via Voxer.


  • Fifteen 45 minute deep-dive coaching calls (three coaching sessions per month)
  • Two 45 minute Transformational breathwork journeys
  • Two tarot card reading sessions
  • Unlimited Voxer messaging and email access
  • Customized spiritual practices for your personal and professional growth
  • High vibe gifts and goodies

Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Channeler LACHELE

Are You Ready To Grow?

As human beings, we need others to thrive. Like a mirror, an empath companion can provide clarity on what your life may be missing and how you can bridge the gap. Growth isn’t outside of your reach, it can be your reality. Let’s make it yours.
Schedule an initial consultation with LaChele today, and let’s see where your inner-self will take you tomorrow.


Authentic & Intuitive


One of the things I love about LaChele is her sensitive nature. Being someone who is very often stuck in my masculine, it’s liberating and freeing to listen to the way she authentically expresses herself and her wisdom. If you are looking for someone to bust open Pandora’s relationship box for you, and you too struggle with truly letting love in, LaChele is truly your perfect match.

Angel Quintana

angel quintana

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